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What's the situation - and why is it important to web experiences?

It wasn't too long ago that going on the web meant you were sitting at a desk, with a computer sporting a fixed-line connection. For companies doing business online, there were distinctly fewer variables that impacted web site performance and the user experience.

Fast forward just a few years and the world has radically changed. Mainstream use of Wi-Fi, cellular, smartphones, tablets and connected devices such as TVs and game consoles have fundamentally changed the way we experience the web. Not only that, it's now exponentially more difficult for online brands to ensure their users have a great experience.

Is there a way to manage this increasing complexity and think differently about web performance? M.J. Johnson, one of Akamai's product marketing professionals certainly thinks so, and illustrates his view on situational performance in the below video.

To learn a bit more, check out this great conversation between Akamai's Mike Afergan and entrepreneur, strategy consultant and blogger Sramana Mitre.

Rob Morton is a senior public relations manager at Akamai