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Public Sector IPv6 Heats up this Summer!

What an exciting spring and summer 2012 for IPv6, especially for our public sector customers! As the world's leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere, Akamai continues to do its part in the global transition by dual stacking its infrastructure, and helping its customers deliver content to their IPv6 users.   

The Federal IPv6 Task Force, chaired by Peter Tseronis of the US Dept. of Energy, continues to drive IPv6 adoption through multiple channels and Akamai, working with our public sector customers, is proud to be part of those efforts. I recently had the opportunity to brief the Fedv6 Working Group on Akamai's IPv6 road map and how we could help federal agencies meet OMB IPv6 mandates. We've already transitioned 21 public sector customers (715 hostnames) to our dual stack platform  which not only helps them meet the September 2012 IPv6 OMB requirement for external public facing websites, but allows them to participate in World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012.

We're really pleased that so many public sector customers have transitioned to IPv6 already, but we haven't yet hit 100%... If you are an Akamai customer, and do not know your transition date, you can contact your account team, or me directly.    If you are interested in learning more about how Akamai services can help you meet upcoming mandates, contact me today. All new customers will go live directly onto our dual stack platform.   

I am anxious to see the IPv6 traffic grow over time and have already begun capturing data for a historical reference down the road. And if you haven't already, start capturing statistics today. With so much speculation around IPv6 traffic growth - from where, when, and how much - it will be great to have quantitative stats revealing any trends that should arise. Akamai customers can view real time traffic statistics, including those specific to IPv6, through Akamai's Luna Control Center.  

Akamai can also help protect websites with its security portfolio. Agencies in a rush to meet deadlines may find themselves with non IPv6 compliant firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Having Akamai in front of their origins reduces risk, defending their infrastructure from IPv6 attacks and malware. We also offer a DNSSEC service.

There's a lot of great information out there about IPv6.

For example, if you missed my colleague Erik Nygren's IPv6 Webinar, you can catch it on demand anytime. Also, check out the video Dan York of the Internet Society posted regarding CDNs and IPv6.

Christine Schweickert is a Senior Engagement Manager at Akamai

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