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How Does Motorcycle Superstore Rev Up Their Online Sales?

Ranked #186 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list, Motorcycle Superstore is a leading online retailer in the motorcycle and powersports industry. Check out this video to hear directly from Jason Miller, Vice President of Technology, on how the company accelerates their eCommerce business to get the best performance for its customers. 

As Motorcycle Superstore's eCommerce business grows, a fast, secure and seamless site for customers is critical. From content and mobile acceleration to Web security and PCI compliance, Motorcycle Superstore needs a single solution provider to address these challenges as they expand their online business. Leveraging the Akamai platform, Motorcycle Superstore is powered to deliver content at scale, improve conversion rates and drive sales revenue.

By monitoring traffic for threats, Miller said the company found that 6 -10 percent of traffic trying to access their site violated the company's firewall rules and was stopped at the edge. Because Akamai's Web Application Firewall, part of the company's KONA security solutions, blocks bad traffic at the network edge outside of Motorcycle Superstore's datacenter, it allows the company to maintain its PCI compliance, drive more site traffic and safeguard its brand and shoppers' information. According to Motorcycle Superstore, since leveraging Akamai, it has reduced capital expenditures on security hardware by 15 percent and reduced bandwidth costs associated with handling attack traffic by 10 percent.  
And on the mobile front, like many other retailers, Motorcycle Superstore is seeing a tremendous growth in number of shoppers accessing their site from mobile devices. To aggressively keep pace with growing mobile usage and capitalize on the opportunity to convert the traffic into sales, the retailer implemented Akamai Mobile Accelerator to deliver mobile content close to the mobile gateways, addressing challenges of mobile delivery and providing faster response times. Miller says that Akamai's mobile services helped enhance the user experience, encouraged more time on the mobile site, and drove a 200 percent increase in mobile channel sales.

Lelah Manz is Chief Strategist for ECommerce at Akamai

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"A fast, secure and seamless site for customers is critical. From content and mobile acceleration to Web security and PCI compliance."


It's interesting how many people overlook these all important aspects to their site and business security.