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Avoiding Security Subsistence Syndrome

At the recent Hack in the Box 2012 security conference in Amsterdam, Andy Ellis, Akamai's Chief Security Officer took to the stage to provide a candid, behind the scenes look at how the company's security program has evolved over time.

The talk focused on the concept of the security poverty line - a term coined by 451 Group analyst Wendy Nather to describe organizations that don't have the resources to do the bare minimum in security - and addressed how companies can evolve from operating under security subsistence syndrome to working in a world class security organization.

Andy's real-world examples from within the walls of Akamai provide great insight into some of the ways security professionals can do the most with what they have, ultimately shifting their focus from simply being compliant to actually meeting their real security goals. Later this year, Andy will be delving into some of the topics discussed at HITB Amsterdam in greater detail. Check back for more details.

Rob Morton is a senior manager, public relations at Akamai  

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