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Dr. Tom Leighton on Transitioning to IPv6

With "World IPv6 Launch" officially underway, Akamai is providing a unique look at IPv6 traffic on its global platform.

Organized by the Internet Society, and building on the awareness of last year's successful World IPv6 Day, the world launch of IPv6 represents a major milestone in the global deployment of the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4.

Read more in Akamai's news announcement from this week.

The following is a statement provided by Akamai's Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Tom Leighton, on the importance of this milestone...

"IPv6 is critical to the future of the Internet's underlying architecture ... and to support the billions of devices that will connect to the Internet over the coming years.

"A tremendous amount of work and awareness has occurred over the past decade to prepare for the transition to wide-scale commercial use of this important protocol. 2012 will be a milestone year for the Internet as we begin to see rapid growth in the adoption of IPv6 after years of changes to operating systems, client and server software, networking hardware, and Internet backbone networks.
"Akamai has built its business around transforming the unpredictable Internet into a robust and reliable platform for transacting e-commerce, distributing rich media, and delivering enterprise applications. We stand committed to helping our customers with a smooth transition to IPv6.
"Having expanded our global IPv6 footprint to over 50 countries, Akamai enables Web sites to reach a growing audience over IPv6 with the performance and reliability that they have come to expect, and demand, from IPv4. Over time, the permanent deployment of IPv6 by companies around the globe will ensure the Internet remains accessible by all the devices that will be part of the future of online business.
"We applaud the work of The Internet Society, and so many of today's businesses that have prepared for this important transition ... ensuring the Internet remains a robust, collaborative, and infinitely accessible platform."

Jeff Young is Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Akamai