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The Future of Cloud Computing

Once again, Akamai is proud to be collaborating on the North Bridge Future of Cloud Computing Survey. Now in its second year, the survey is designed to help identify current attitudes related to cloud computing and begin to identify trends that may help us understand how the cloud landscape is evolving.
How are companies embracing the public cloud?  Are they keeping things close to home with private cloud implementations? What about hybrid cloud?
What are the drivers for moving to the cloud?  Cost?  Scalability?  Agility? Is security in the cloud keeping CIOs awake at night? Or, are they more worried about complexity and manageability?
Take a look at the results from last year's survey and add your voice to the 2012 version.  It'll be interesting to see what's changed - and what's stayed the same - in the past year.  We'd love to get Akamai's blog readers into the mix, so please take a few minutes to provide your perspective.

Thanks in advance!
Andy Rubinson is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Terra Enterprise Solutions at Akamai