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Do Analytics Need Your Daily Attention?

Weeding your lawn every year can seem daunting, time consuming, and when not done correctly, ineffective!  The same goes for analytics. With so many charts and graphs, you can get into data overload if you don't know what to monitor. Understanding the most effective ways to engage with an analytics tool will not only simplify matters, it can save you time and transform your business!  Depending on what type of publisher you are, monitoring audience behavior and quality of service are the two most important factors that analytics can help with.
Girish Bettadpur, Sr. Product Manager at Akamai, outlines a few ways to best capture the value of analytics in the below video, filmed at Kaltura's recent Connect Conference.

You'll hear best practices for:
•    how often to keep an eye on your site's analytics
•    how understanding analytics data can improve your video strategy, and,
•    market trends that influence and drive the need for analytics.


Noreen Hafez is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai