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Chaotic Actors, the Security Poverty Line & Secure Infrastructure

What happens when you get three opinionated and outspoken InfoSec professionals all in the same room with a camera rolling? Here at Akamai we decided to find out.

Andy Ellis, our chief security officer "moderates" a conversation with Josh Corman, director of security intelligence and Mike Smith, security evangelist. They cover everything from the rise of the chaotic actor and false flag operations to the difference between compliance and security and security infrastructure vs. secure infrastructure.

Check out part 1 and part 2 of the first video and be on the lookout for future conversations from our InfoSec team covering issues including the changing face of DDoS, application vulnerabilities, and security, compliance and the cloud.

Part 1: DDoS, Chaotic Actors and Knowing your Adversary

Part 2: Security vs. Compliance and Security Infrastructure vs. Secure Infrastructure

Rob Morton is a Senior Manager of Public Relations at Akamai