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TV Everywhere Sees Renewed Vigor in Time for NAB 2012

One year ago, at NAB 2011, TV Everywhere was talked about... well... everywhere. Operators and programmers were racing to secure their strategies to stay relevant in the Media 3.0 world and take advantage of new business models; and after enjoying a few years of vigorous discussion, months went by with stalled progress, leaving many to wonder what happened.

Operators want to bundle content to their throngs of paying subscribers, and programmers want to maintain their own destination channels to increase brand recognition amongst consumers. No one wants to give in first. So the compromises became something in the middle, which no one was entirely pleased with.

As it stands, operators and programmers both share in the revenue of Internet video delivery, but no one party truly owns the whole customer relationship. Furthermore, there are questions abound about who possesses the valuable viewership data. There's complexity with these business deals, and even once they are put in place, it takes time and resources to get the solutions to market.

One year later, in time for NAB 2012, we're seeing renewed vigor around the TV Everywhere discussion. The various players are realizing that their time is up - regardless of whether a happy resolution has been reached, consumers are demanding access to their content on all devices now. That has left these parties scrambling to deliver the content subscribers are paying for to their many devices, and needing a solution provider that enables them to do so quickly, securely and at scale.

The formula to a successful TV Everywhere implementation combines multi-device delivery & security, measurement and subscriber authentication/authorization. In order to enable any of those services, a flexible cloud-based technology solution is required to rapidly and repeatedly reach the wide breadth of consumer devices. Without that flexibility, the time to market is slowed and paying subscriber engagement is potentially lost.

What are your predictions for TV Everywhere in the next 6-12 months? Your comments are welcomed.

[Akamai announced its TV Everywhere services at NAB last year and will be demoing live client applications this year at Booth #SL8124.]

Adam Greenbaum leads Akamai's efforts around TV Everywhere...

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How does the Akamai TVE play fit in with the industry desire to unify Internet content via a new set top box?