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Following the Top Security Influencers

According to the folks at Tripwire, three members of the firms' "Top 25 Influencers in Security You Should Be Following" list are members of Akamai's Security Intelligence Team. Andy Ellis, Josh Corman and Martin McKeay were all noted for bringing interesting, unique, entertaining and sometimes controversial views to the conversations surrounding information security.

The list offers reasons why Tripwire thinks those with an interest in information security should be following - and listening - to our security experts, along with some words of wisdom from each.

Take a look and read Andy's thoughts on security judo, Josh's view on why "best practices" really may not be the best, and Martin's approach to getting back to basics.

And, to join the ongoing information security conversation with Andy, Josh and Martin, don't forget to add them to your Twitter list: @csoandy, @joshcorman and @mckeay. Or you can read their respective blogs at Protecting a Better Internet (Andy), Cognitive Dissidents (Josh) and Network Security Podcast (Martin).

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Thank you for starting the Akamai blog.
As a small company owner it is great to learn. It also takes away the fear that the stock market loves to create.
I look forward to more learning!
Tim Hart