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Champions League Makes News Index Soar!

Since launching the Akamai Net Usage Index for News in 2005, sporting events have always proven to be among the stories driving the highest peaks in page views per minute to news Web sites.

Witness today's news coverage of the European Champion League that created a peak of 6,583,294 page views per minute at 9:30 p.m. GMT... making this the 2nd largest news event that Akamai has recorded.

Champions League.PNG

What match is capturing the headlines?

Three-time European Champion Manchester United was eliminated from the Champions League today when it lost 2-1 at FC Basel.

Jeff Young is Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Akamai

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This data seems to show that the Champions League football (aka soccer) was almost x5 larger in North America than Europe. Is that possible or are there any other contributing factors?