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Promise of a Connected World

We live in one of the most interesting times in human history, with rapid amounts of change upon our lives.  One of the most profound changes is the advent of all devices becoming connected to each other over the Internet, enabling people accelerate the pace and types of communication.  Connected devices have become embedded in our lives.  
How many of us carry smart phones, tablets, and laptops?  How many of us have game consoles, smart TVs or other intelligent connected devices in the home?  How many different connected devices do we use through a day, across varying types of access such as broadband, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE? 
Human interaction through multiple devices in the course of a day is becoming the norm, but creates many new challenges. As Chief Strategist, Connected Devices and Gaming at Akamai, I'm focused on solving these challenges so our customers can simply make it all work.

Not all devices and access methods are not created equal.  Some devices have significant computational power, memory and storage, and others have very little.  The ability to watch HD videos, perform video chat, play games, run business productivity applications, or financial transactions all require different levels of access.  
Depending on what a user is doing, lots of bandwidth may be important or fast performance times or uninterrupted connectivity.  Planning for the various use cases of people across devices takes planning and prioritizing what is important.  By prioritizing and establishing a plan, organizations can take the first step towards connected their users through devices and optimizing their experience.
Another challenge is enabling people to securely and seamlessly allow their identity, preferences, and rights to traverse across multiple devices.  People want to be able to more seamlessly have access to their content and applications across devices for work, school or personal use, and know their identity is protected.  
With all the differences in device platforms, enabling portable identity and protecting it is challenging.  Much like providing access to content and applications, organizations need to consider the use cases of their users and prioritize what is important.
Many more opportunities and challenges await.  I hope to share insights and pose challenging questions to drive discussion that leads us to the promise of a connected world.  What opportunities and challenges do you think we will encounter?
Kris Alexander is Chief Strategist, Connected Devices and Gaming, at Akamai.


Can you post the latest access numbers by device type? Curious to see the request traffic for PS3, Xbox, Smart TVs, iPads and such broken out. Even better if you could group across type of sites like movies, news and sports.

We are planning to roll out progressively more sophisticated identification of device traffic throughout the year in 2012. As this data flows into Akamai, it will appear in our reporting, including State of the Internet reports in the future, as well as serve to augment our already-deployed device logic layer for interesting product enhancements.