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Cyber Monday trending 43% higher than 2010

Akamai's Net Usage Index for Retail shows the strong holiday shopping traffic trend continues, with Cyber Monday trending 43% above 2010, and 109% above the 8 week average as of noon ET.  Although higher than 2010, it has yet not reached Black Friday levels.  At noon on Black Friday shoppers had already viewed 45.8 billion page views, versus 41 billion so far today.  While Black Friday peaked in the morning hours, Cyber Monday is not expected to peak until 9:00 PM EST tonight, suggesting that Cyber Monday will surpass Black Friday as the peak traffic shopping day so far this season.

The peak traffic rate of the long weekend was Thanksgiving Day between 10 and 11:00 PM EST, reaching over 1.9 million page views per minute.  The 2010 peak was on Cyber Monday at 9:00 PM (reaching 1.2 million PV/M), so we'll continuing watching the Index with the expectation that a new peak will be reached tonight.

Stay tuned to this blog for more Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping Trend updates.

Lelah Manz is Chief Strategist, Commerce for Akamai